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As with everything on the 'net there are millions of sites selling band goodies. The following are a select few which seem to have been on the go for a long time (so should be slightly more reliable!)
everything (disks, shirts, posters, etc):
superior quality recordinds
url: http://www.superiorqualityrecordings.co.uk
push posters
po box 327, clydebank, G81 3HE
tel: (0141) 562 0204 fax: (0141) 951 4464
url: http://www.pushposters.com
cds and vinyl:
cd now url: http://www.cdnow.com
sister ray url: http://www.sisterray.co.uk
spin compact disks url: http://www.spincds.com
top sounds url: http://www.topsounds.com


nb: sites included on this page are for guidance only. you order at your own risk, but if you have a bad experience with any let me know and I'll remove them from this page!