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return to the last chance saloon


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  1. Tone Blooze
  2. Unpainted Arizona
  3. Solomon Bites The Worm
  4. U.T.A.
  5. 4-Day Weekend
  6. Sleazy Bed Track
  7. If...
  8. The Jub-Jub Bird
  9. Sky Will Fall
  10. Ames
  11. Down At The Reservoir
  12. Heard You Were Dead
  13. Broken Starr

  • Released in the UK on Monday 9th March 1998 by Superior Quality Records
  • Entered the UK album charts at number 11 on Sunday 15th March 1998
  • Available on CD, Cassette and Vinyl (gatefold with white vinyl)
  • All formats include saloon door details inside
  • Hidden track (called Woman Done Gone Left Me) can be found at end of album