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stop press: 21st may 2000

I've just reveived the following statement from Mik Coates about IABV's revival:

Although i have had the blessing from superior to call my fanzine 'In A Blue Vein' i must stress it will almost definitely not be up to the high standards of Eds fanzine, particulary as far as reproduction is concerned as i do not have the money to make something so well presented, i will do my upmost best to make it as good as i possibly can, hopefully a decent printer will be available as i wont have to resort to the decent photocopier. It will contain an interview with each of the lads separately(questions compiled from fans and myself), 2 pages of gig reviews, stories and in 1 case drawings(!) - so if you have any reviews of the recent shows please, please, please, send it in - i want to make this for the fans so i want them all to be involved, you help me and i'll help you. Also included will be a recent news section, possibly a bit for an old article from IABV, a blast from the past style thing, and as you know, a bit about the fanbase on the net, with a top of the pops style run-down of the best websites dedicated to the bluetones - so keep up the good work and i promise i will try to produce a fanzine worthy of the blue army - this should be completed in 2 to 3 weeks with a chance for a festival based one this summer (if all goes well) - but don't hold your breath.

I am hoping that the first 100 copies will come complete with acetate wrap and maybe some sort of bluetones sticker or something, whatever superior are willing to donate - i want it to look more than just a crappy old run-of-the-mill fanzine, only time will tell though.

cheers, and if you have any suggestions, comments, reviews or are interested in this fanzine, do not hesitate to contact me.

stay blue
mik x

PS. Check out the IABV web site http://www.thebluevein.i-p.com

This fanzine was the offical band fanzine, as sold at the merchandise stands at many gigs. However, late in 1998 the editor, Ed Cowburn, decided to head for Australia to travel for a while and as a result the 'zine was stopped.

The following information is given for general interest - the 'zine is now out of print.

Table of Contents

Is this another crap photocopy jobbie?

Erm, no! It is a rather nice glossy fanzine all done in a tasteful blue ink! It is no longer just the North's official 'tones fanzine it is now: The Official Bluetones fanzine (as featured in Melody Maker, Radio 1's Mark Radcliffe's show and as read by the legendary John Peel!). It was actually included as part of the official merchandise when the lads broke Japan. 

What's in the latest issue?

[4th August 1997] Issue six is now out!!

This is the summer/festival special which was advertised in fliers passed around at Glastonbury. It will be sold at V97 so if you're going look out for the In A Blue Vein team and grab your copy!

Very briefly, this issue will contain the following:

"Interview with Mark, Festival survival guide, gig reviews, loads of new photos of the lads, competition to win rare 'tones goodies, up to date news on new material, plenty of excuses for why it had taken so long to get round to doing a new issue, etc, etc"

So how do I get a copy?

The fanzine can be purchased by following these simple steps:
  • Find your cheque book (or a post office if you don't have one)
  • Write out a cheque payable to "In A Blue Vein" to the value of £2.50 (UK money) (or get the post office guy/girl to make a Postal Order to this value)
  • Pop the cheque in an envelope (there's no need for a SAE anymore!)
  • Write the address below on the front of the envelope
  • Stick a stamp on the envelope
  • Pop it in a post box
  • Wait until the postie shove your copy through yer door
  • Read avidly for hours and impress your mates with your 'tone knowledge!
Address to send the above to:
In A Blue Vein

Quarry House 
49 Bracken Park 
Leeds LS14 3HZ
Any questions?
E-mail 100772.2323@compuserve.com 

And now the obligatory quotes about the 'zine

Co-editor Ed says,
"It's cram packed full of interviews, live photos, reviews and other "blue" stuff and much, much more!!!!"
But don't just listen to him, the Melody Maker (23/3/96) also said of it,
"It's the best of a glut of recently emerged Bluetones fanzines"
Mark Radcliffe said it was
"devoted to every aspect of [their] life, and at every gig someone turns up and takes a different picture of the crutch of [Mark's] pants!"

Back Issues

A limited number of back issues are available from the same address by sending a cheque to the value of the issue you want. The following issues are available:
Issue one - Autumn 1995 
Cost: £2.00 
Includes early interview, questionnaires filled in by the lads, reviews, setlists, photos and the usual crap. A collectors item for the discerning Bluetones fanzine. 

Now re-printed for all those who missed it first time around. Of course it's not exactly the same so the originals remain collectable! 

Issue two - Spring 1996 
Cost: £1.50 
Includes the lyrics to the first two singles (and b sides), a full run down of Bluetones broadcasts (TV and radio), another major interview, reviews, photos, tour dates and so on. A must for all Bluetones fans. 
Issue three - Summer 1996 
Cost: £2.00 
Includes news, tour dates and the other usual stuff...a look at the Bluetones press coverage, an interview with Eds and exclusive posters/photos of the lads by Ian T Tilton (who took the Roses photos in the first album sleeve). 
Issue four - Autumn 1996 
Cost: £2.00 
Features loads of lyrics, a discography, T in The Park photos, cartoons, mad stories, comparison of other bands, an article on support band "Geneva", a competition to win more exclusive rare 'tones goodies as well as the usual band info and pictures. 
Issue five - Winter 1996-7
Cost: £2.00
Features a Scott interview, tour reviews, blue christmas gig reviews, competition, photos etc etc and other normal blue poo.