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Bluetones Interview 10"

Typed up by David "bombus"

There are a few words that I couldnt understand so they will just have ______ for them, alright?

Also, there are some parts where the rest of the band talk, but I dont know who they are, and I can barely hear them, so usually you'll just see 'mutterings' writen. yeah so anyway they are in the back ground and there names (background people/person) have been mentiond now and again.


Interviewer: why do you appear to be so obsessed with blue? er... bluetones, bluetonic, are you blue or are you blind.

Mark: ahem! er... we're not really obsessed, just seems like we are, because the first 2 singles, proper, are you blue... and bluetonic. just coincidence. er... but at the same time its deliberate. its sorta, you know, creatin' our own myths, creatin' our little world or our own little space, really, self-reference and all that. Theres a few mentions of blue in some of the lyrics on the other songs but none in the titles.

Interviewer: um, do you feel slightly nervious about being hailed amongst kinda brit-pop ______ enevitable that the fuss that created it is going to begin its demise?

Mark: yeah. hmmmm, well, we've tried to keep away from that really, we dont drink in those sorta pubs, ya know what I mean? we dont... we never really associate ourselves with it, unlike other bands who all along have gone and flown the flag, arms around each other sorta thing. Thats not really been us ...EVER! Its the other people who've said it, not... we've never said it. And er... I dont know I think its quite um... ya know, Its quite evident in our sound really that we're not really like that, we're a bit more left field, arent we? ARENT WE!?!?!?!

Everyone:: *ahahahahahahahahahahaha*

Mark: brit pops just an updated word for indie, because all the bands that would've been indie 5 years ago, are now startin the majors, so its just... And we never were in any group indie, ever, we have nothing.... Never in our minds... which the answer that means NO WAY!

Interviewer: um... have you ever wanted to be a tree?

Mark: a tree? er... once.

*back ground blah*

Mark: yeah if I was a tree I'd learn bass. ahahahahahaha! yeah cos if I was a tree I could climb up myself and look over high fences.

Everyone:: *ahahahahahahaha*

Interviewer: have you got a favourite historical figure? SOME ONE IN THE BACK GROUND: yeah Gangas Kahn!!!

Mark: No, I dont know, er... jack bike, ...he invented the bike, he invented the bycicle. ahahahahahahaheheheheha INTERVIEW GIRL: um... the bluetones are portried as a ________ band, putting a large amount of emotion, including them into their songs, um... would you say this is an accurate picture? MARK: thats us!!!!!!

Everyone:: *ahahahahahahaha*

they are sensitive songs, cos if I write anything bad... I dont know.

BACKGROUND PERSON: you'd be very up-set!

Mark: I wouldnt be able to come out for weeks. er... yeah, you know, we play with a bit of feeling, which I think is not really that rough at the moment, in the current music scene. its all very er... one dimensional and plastic, and I think thats what gives us the edge... that and er... awsome good looks!!!!!

Everyone:: *ahahahahahaha*

Interviewer: its true.

Everyone:: *ahahahahahaha*

Interviewer: um... if you were a woman what item of clothing would you most likely wear?

Mark: what would I most likely wear? yeah ankle braclet. I'd wear an ankle braclet, cos then I could look up my own skirt.

-back ground *mutterings*

Mark: No what would I wear not what would I be! ahahahahaha

Interviewer: Do you see your rise in the music industry as, sudden or incredibly over-due?

Mark: er... its neither, really.

background person: its about right.

Mark: yeah its just about right, nothing's happend too quick for us and we werent ready before... so nothings happend too slow like that and you know... just right really.

background mutterings: ________________________

Mark: who cares? FUCKIN FREAK!!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahaha

Interviewer: what are your influences, would you say?

Mark: er.... Bolivian marching powder... and tea, tea yeah. caffine and er... cheeba *loud guitar nosies* (i can hear anything)

Interviewer: have you seen anything at the cinema recently that you really loved or hated?

Mark: recently? I saw _________ recently, thats the last time I was at the cinema and that was wicked!!!!!

Interviewer: yeah!

Mark: ________ society, I rather liked that

Interviewer: um... whens the album due out?

Mark: er... not 'till february... around next february. er... its not quite finished yet, but thats the sort of stuff _____ ____ ____ ____ are you blue's not on it and there are 11 songs and none of the b-sides are on it or anything like that. bluetonics on it... er... would you like to know what songs are on it?

Interviewer: yeah. pease!

MARK basically, cut some rug, putting out fires, a parting guesture, time & again, carnt be trusted, bluetonic, vampire, slight return, fountainhead, talking to clarry, ...have I said talking to clarry? and things change. theres eleven! ready for money!!!

Interviewer: yeah -everyone *ahahahahahahaha*

Interviewer: its irritating when they take albumns and stick on all the lives or the b-sides, and you just seem to get like 3 tracks, that are new, off the albumn, that havent been released.

Mark: yeah so do I. they're just being

LAZY INTERVIEW GIRL: um... are you reading anything at the moment?

Mark: no, actually at the moment. its not nice to read on tour i find.

Interviewer: Do you get travel sick?

Mark: well if you get ________ too long when youre traveling along, especially if youre reading and er... you can read magazines and stuff like that cos its just light reading. ...Not really cos the last thing I read was er... er...

Interviewer: do you think the appearence of the band seem to be a lot important than its music, by record companies and managment companies? and do you think image is very much an essential feature of the band aswell as the music?

Mark: er... I think some bands it is, somebands ya know? there are certain bands that are just all image, and its all the look and its all some ones idea. And you actually hear them and its a bit of a disapointment. But with us, its nothing like them. You hear the records and then you see us and youre like "oh my god" -*hahahahahaha*

Interviewer: have you a favourite language?

Mark: english, Im affraid ...yeah. I just like the english language, its very clever. Its very expressive and beautiful. Its very similar english and german, innit? French is sorta "heelllooooooo" and german's kinda "how. are. you. doing. today." (said in pee wee herman vioce) Its a bit different. I've seen a lot around, I know what I'm talking about. ahahaha

Interviewer: um... do you think that gender...

Mark: NO!!!

Interviewer: do you think that gender in love is important?

Mark: gender in love? as in 2 fellahs kissin? I dont know...but sorta... are you calling me homophobic? ahahaha, get out. ahahaha. No! No! No I dont. for me, yes, but not for anyone else, ya know, please yourself really!

Interviewer: have you got a favourite drug?

Mark: er... I'd never touch a drug! never, in any part of my life. -*ahahahahaha*


Mark: yeah probably 'mara-jay-wanna'

BACKGROUND PERSON: acid is also one of my favourite drugs.

Mark: yeah probably marijuana. but dont quote me on that, I dont want to get in trouble for that, do you know what I mean? the kids and the influence to take drugs. -*ahahahahahahaha*

Mark: if less people took drugs, there'd be more for us, do ya know what I mean? there'd be more for me, and I'd have less trouble with my man, saying "oh I havent got any"

Interviewer: yeah cos I was reading the NME interview you did just last week, and it said you couldnt do anything but spliff up.

Mark: well thats just a lie, you know what I mean? thats just a lie. We honestly thought we'd at least make up such shit up. I write what I wanna write just cos I think it sounds cool. huh? is it COOL!?! is this cool!?!...

Interviewer: only if you share it. -*ahahahahahaha*

Interviewer: and do you think sex can be completely disasociated from love?

Mark: yeah. sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty expreiences go, its a pretty good one. -*ahahahaha*

Mark: and you can quote me on that (said in american cowboy accent) -*ahahahaha*

-------------blah blah blah then I cant hear them talk much more, although I did make out something about a sex survey, then some loud guitar drowns the rest of the interview out.------------------------

Extracted from an interview 10", late 1995.