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The Bluetones

Voted by readers of SKY Magazine as one of the top six artists in Britain , (apart from Blur and Oasis ), November 1995.

"There has been a real shift in the musical climate of this country recently, with the whole Britpop thing where image is everything - weíre just a band," states Bluetone vocalist Mark Morriss. "When you see us live, you either like us or you donít." Morriss is joined by Adam Devlin on guitar, Eds Chesters on drums and brother Scott on bass, the end result being a blend of Beatle-esque pop with tinges of 60ís pop icon Scott Walker. Having made the significant career-jump from 20 minute support-slots for the likes of Supergrass to headlining in their own right, The Bluetones are currently enjoying their first real taste of fame, and are even descent enough to reply personally to all of their fan-mail - especially if the words "I love you" are involved, of course. "Weíre the Romeoís of the road," jokes Devlin. Asked to substantiate such a claim, it soon transpires that the band havenít actually received any smutty letters, (Not yet, Unfortunately), but the single, Bluetonic, (in the shops now, with a dèbut album scheduled to follow in early 1996), should help to change matters. "Thereís nothing new about what we do," Morriss announces apologetically, "but itís fresh. Itís like at the end of every summer when the football season starts again: same support, same players, same teams, same match; but itís a fresh start because every season is different."

Jessica Stein
Submitted by A.T.Brooks

Extracted from Sky magazine, November 1995.