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Bluetones star Mark reveals all

HELEN LEWIS, 18, a student from Bingley, chats to Mark Morriss, lead singer of The Bluetones and finds out what makes him tick.

Q Who's your favourite unsigned band?

A My favourite unsigned band of all time are a band called the Grooveyard. They're not going any more but they never got signed.

Q What's your top fashion tip?

A Never ever comb your hair. It makes it look all kind of fine and clean and tidy. So I never ever brush my hair, I just sort of use my fingers. It kind of falls - gravity does the rest.

Q Who's your favourite Spice Girl?

A I'm afraid I don't have a favourite Well no actually I think Geri, even though she's not in them any more.

Q What's the most naughty thing you've ever done?

A I once smashed up my stepdad's car with some bricks and some knives. I slashed all his tyres, smashed all the windows and scratched all the paintwork because he was unkind to my mum. I don't regret it. I got away with it, he knew it was me though.

Q What's your favourite record sleeve?

A Probably Led Zeppelin III. On vinyl it's got this circular disc inside the cover and you can turn it round. There's all these little windows and the pictures change. It's really good, they don't make them like that any more. We tried to do that for our first album, with the peacock on the sleeve.

Q What would you have as your epitaph?

A Let it rip.

Q Do you camp at music festivals?

A No, I don't because if I ever go with my girlfriend she won't stay in a tent so we stay on the bus or in a hotel if we're lucky. If I was a punter I would like to camp because it's part of the whole experience. But when you're performing you don't want to get damp on your chest or mud under your fingernails.

Q Do you keep a diary?

A No, I don't. I did once but my mum found it and read it.

Q What are your five desert island discs?

A Scott Walker - Scott 4; Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti; The Band - The Band; The Smiths - Meat is Murder; Stone Roses - debut album.

Q Have you ever won an award?

A Yes, I have. I used to play in a football team and I won a few player-of-the-season awards.

Extracted from The Bradford Telegraph & Argus, 15th January 1999.