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UKMCLive: Hello Adam, Scott, Eds, Mark and Richard and welcome to AOL LIVE. Before we fire off the first question, would you like to say a few words to all the fans out there?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: Happy New Year fans. Adam: I'll second that. Scott: Hello Happy New Year.

UKMCLive: Our first question for this evening and a Happy New Year from all us to you too... Question: Before the release of your last album, you apparently lost a lot of recordings... how did that make you feel?

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: First confused then sad, then relief and happiness. Adam: I'm well over that now.

UKMCLive: Bluetonic2 asks... Question: You have a pretty dedicated following named the blue_army (including me!). What do you think about this? And is it true that you have photos of them on your office walls??

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: It fills our hearts with immense pride and gladness that we have a group of people who follow us around and take pleasure in all we do. But we don't have their pictures on our walls. We would if they'd send us some interesting ones.

Adam: If you send us your photos we'll collect them with dedication.

UKMCLive: Two related questions to follow... (and we'll get back to the interesting pictures later:) Question: How did you choose the name for the band?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: It came to me in my post apocalyptic, mid-morning, pre-millennial delirium.

Richard and Eds have just arrived.

UKMCLive: James would like to know... Question: How did you come together as a group. How did it all start?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: We're not taking any questions from James we don't like them.

UKMCLive: :) naughty lot. Our next question comes from Robbie, in Essex... Question: What were the last albums you bought?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: I bought Chas and Dave (4:99) and Ice Cube, The Predator.

UKMCLive: We all want to know about your new album... Question: How does your new album 'Science and Nature' differ from your previous work?

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: All the songs are completely brand new.

UKMCLive: Okay, we are onto the football - ChurchillBedburn asks... Question: What team do you support?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: Brentford Eds: Newcastle Scott: Spurs Mark: Liverpool Richard: Southampton

UKMCLive: Begusting would like to say... Question: two of your songs in RTTLCS were originally named the Godfather Part 1 and the Godfather Part 2, which songs were these ?? Loved the gig in Portsmouth by the way !!!!!

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: Tone Blooze and Unpainted Arizona

UKMCLive: And Bluetonic2 asks... Question: Are you planning any festival dates for the blue_armiers who can't make it to your tour in February?? T in the Park maybe? :o)

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: There are loads.. there's an album tour in May.

UKMCLive: Richard, a question for you... Question: I read that keyboard player Richard Payne has been more involved with the creation of the songs on the new album, how do you think this has influenced the over all sound of the new album?

BluetonesLIVE: Richard: There're more keyboards. Adam: and less hair

UKMCLive: EnigmaVJG would like to know... Question: When are you coming back to the Barrowlands?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: Not for a while because we're playing T in the Park, but that's our favourite gig so it's a shame.

UKMCLive: A personal question from Mariah0011... Question: How old are you all?

BluetonesLIVE: Eds: All together about 110. Adam: Is that Mariah Carey

UKMCLive: Bluetonic is back with this question... Question: I heard the fantastic Zorrro on Radio 1. Any plans on releasing it as a single?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: There might be .. later on after the albums been released.

UKMCLive: There are so many questions about signings in Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool...

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: We're doing signings in Bristol, London, Cambridge and Liverpool. Go to our website next week for more details fans www.bluetones.co.uk.

UKMCLive: Clairelaw1 would like to chat you all up... Question: Are you all single at the moment?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: Yes all of us. Not really. Eds is married but the rest of us are all in "open relationships".

UKMCLive: A more general question... Question: Seeing as you played guitars and didn't have any shaven-chested boys in the group, you were classed as Britpop for a while what did you think of all that? A component of "GREAT" Britain propaganda or useless journos having to label everything to the tiniest detail?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: Adam's got a shaven chest. We're British, we play pop music, go figure. Its difficult to deny Brit Pop being a nice way to describe what we do but its not really a good label to categorise a lot of other artists under the same umbrella.

UKMCLive: And on the subject of hair, DMushing asks... Question: Do you plan on growing you hair back too full length after the little incident at Scotts birthday party??

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: look at the pictures. Adam: We do absolutely. Mark: The whole point of having mohicans... Richard: was because we were drunk. Scott: We were cooped up in the middle of nowhere for so long that we reverted back to our base animal instincts, and felt we had to shave to keep clean. Mark: Even our bonces.

UKMCLive: Hazza would like to know...Question: How long did it take you to record your new single?

BluetonesLIVE: Richard: It would've been a lot quicker if we hadn't wasted so much time smoking and w***ing.

UKMCLive: EmmaEdgarB is asking... Question: Hello from Belfast girl and Hollie! What happened to the song you wrote called the godfather?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: It's a working title for Unpainted Arizona and Tone Blooze.

UKMCLive: Corfe9 asks... Question: What are your favourite designer clothes? From Damon.

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: I would have to say C&A. Scott: Campell Dodds Ltd. Adam: Armitage Shanks.

UKMCLive: We've all been talking about the nineties - Question: What was your favourite song of the nineties?

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: Angels by Robbie Williams. Everybody: Respect.

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: Anything off our first album .. by me. Mark: Bug powder Dust by Bomb the Bass.

UKMCLive: JSP wants to know... Question: Richard, are you joining as a full time member of the band?

BluetonesLIVE: Richard: Yeah as soon as they start paying me a decent wage, and talking to me nicely.

UKMCLive: A question about your past... Question: If you'd grown up in, say, Aberystwyth instead of Hounslow, how do you think it would have changed your outlook and your music?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: It's an impossible question to answer. Eds: You only live once. Mark: I agree Eds.

UKMCLive: Let's go back to the seventies with a question from Stepnworb... Question: What is the most embarrassing album you own?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: The Baron Knights .. Rubix Magic. Adam: Suede 'Dogman Star'. Scott: Army of Lovers.

UKMCLive: Haza asks about your website... Question: I have just visited your website. Who came up with the ideas for it?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: Some egghead in Rotherham. Eds: Its currently being overhauled by a boffin from Hull.

UKMCLive: And RJMB would like to know... Question: There are many fan websites on the internet for the Bluetones. What do you think to the internet revolution? Do you have an e-mail address where I can send fan mail?

BluetonesLIVE: E-mail: shop@superiorquality.co.uk.

UKMCLive: A question from PPaci... Question: Ed's first of all I'd like to say how good it is to have people from my part of Co Durham doing well i.e. yourself and gem which brings me on to my? Did your elder brother Michael and his band the edge influence you and make you determined to make it big.

BluetonesLIVE: Eds: Yeah I was inspired by my brother to play the drums and he got me my first job in London, which I got bored of, and I bumped into Mark and the rest is history.

UKMCLive: Stuboy17 would like to know... Question: Who were your influences and do you like Gomez.

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: First album yeah, second album no.

UKMCLive: Critics say that you evoke the easy charm of The Stone Roses (first coming) and the melodic bite of The La's. Are you comfortable with this critique?

BluetonesLIVE: Eds: Yes. Scott: It's as good as any.

UKMCLive: You didn't seem comfortable with the term Brit Rock earlier in the conversation... Question: Is Britrock dead?

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: The Brit Rock debate obviously means a lot more to you than it did to us. Eds: And anyway Zepplin split up ages ago.

UKMCLive: Nutty5starts asks... Question: WHAT DID YOU DO FOR THE NEW YEAR?

BluetonesLIVE: Scott: I went to New York (the big apple) old NYC, Manhattan. Eds: I went to Hamsterley Co. Durham. Scott: The rest were either at home or in London somewhere.

UKMCLive: A comment from Begusting.... Question: Will you all smile at the camera for us ? pweeaaase ??

UKMCLive: Our last question for this evening... Question: What of your future plans, The Bluetones?

BluetonesLIVE: Mark: World domination, ecological armageddon, and spiritual Nirvana. Adam: Tour, album, tour, wedding, tour, drug habit, divorce, tour, album, dead.

UKMCLive: Thank you for joining us this evening. Would you all like to add the final words?

BluetonesLIVE: Adam: Help us we're being held hostage. Scott: Send food and money. Goodbye and good luck for the future is unknown.

UKMCLive: Thank you to Adam, Scott, Eds, Mark and Richard - The Bluetones and to everyone for your questions. Watch out for the release of 'Science and Nature' in May this year on Super Quality Recordings. From The Bluetones and all of us at AOL LIVE, it is goodnight.

BluetonesLIVE: Visit the shop at www.superiorqualityrecordings.co.uk. Bye.

Transcribed by Bluetonic2@aol.com

Extracted from web chat on aol, 13th January 2000.