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Mark Before The Edinburgh Gig

Editor's Note: I missed the first sentence of this interview scrambling for a tape!

Mark: "It's nice to put names to faces of people we've chatted to on the web site."

Mark: "Tonight's gig's going to be a kind of a mixture of old and new we want to play as many new songs as we can without alienating the audience - 'cos you know what it's like when you come to a gig and you don't know any of the songs. You come to a gig so you can sing along, but we're going to stick in 6 new ones and a greatest hits package I guess you could call it."

Mark: "To tell you the truth it's an absolute relief to get back on tour again, 'cos we've been talking about it and thinking about it for the last two or three months. And then the build up to the single being released it's been so much pressure, so much hassle that you forget, you can lose sight of why you're in a band. This is why you're in a band, this is why you do it - to play live and get sweaty and to make some noise!"

Interviewer: That's what we like to hear, but what about the new material? We know Keep The Home Fires Burning, but is the single a good example of what's on the album?

Mark: "Keep The Home Fires Burning is a bit of anomaly, 'cos it's not really representational of anything else that's on there, 'cos it's quite a schizophrenic record; it's not sure what it is. The first album's got a melancholy atmosphere to it, the second album's certainly a bit more aggressive, a bit more direct and a bit more spiky. This record grooves from start to finish!"

Interviewer: Of course, to those in the know The Bluetones have more than just a fan base, they have the infamous blue army

Mark: "The people who like us know that we're one of the best around at what we do...so they hold us quite close. But I don't like to think that there's this body of people out there who're just like this faceless monster, siting at home, twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next Bluetones gig. It's not like that, it's just we do instill a loyalty in people because once you get into our music there's no getting out of it!"

Interview by Vic Galloway