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The following sites are dedicated to the lads. As there are loads of sites around, many of which are no longer maintained, I've tried to indicate to you the ones which are still worth more than a quick visit!
the dmoz directory A directory of 'tones sites.
ubl The band's UBL listing.
regularly updated
bluetown Part of Whirlpool/LovePeaceMusic, features some exclusive news and pics.
broken starr... Matt's pages contain news, lyrics, discography and more.
the reservoir James Mechen's site which has lyrics, full discography, links and sounds.
bluetonic.co.uk Nice site with videos and sounds to download.
nifkin's bridge A 'tones site An American slant!
solomons grave Another site with info about the band, discography, videography and links. Revamped June 2000.
totally blue Yet another site with discography, lyrics and pictures.
are you blue? Allie's tones site which has some band photos.
the mark morriss gallery A site dedicated to the man himself!
the scott morriss gallery A site dedicated to the other man himself!
general ed (sic) A site dedictad to Eds (and also featuring a page about Richard too)
windy moo's bluetone site A new site run by Windy Moo and other people who populate the official messageboard.
great blue yonder A nice looking site from Japan - in both English and Japanese.
off shell site Another new Japanese site again, available in both English and Japanese.
* rhea's bluetones site Rhea's site about the band - features set lists and reviews.
older pages
sleazywebshack Nice looking page which appeared in 1999 but then died.
bluetones: recent news and links Part of Stu and Dan's Music Pages.
nozomu furumiya's bluetones pages Hasn't been updated in an age, but has some nice pictures from the mid-90s!
nat's bluetones pages Looked good when started but Nat's gave up on them.