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'Slight return' for The Bluetones

From NME (16/12/95)

The Bluetones release a new single 'Slight Return' in January. The track is backed by new songs 'Don't Stand Me Down' and 'Nae Hair On't'.

The single coincides with The Bluetones slot on the NME Miller Genuine Draft Bratbus Tour, with Heavy Stereo, The Carddigans and Fluffy.

The Bluetones' singer Mark Morriss told NME: "The Brats tour is a good idea because none of the bands have had a lot of exposure and it's a good chance for people to see some of these bands."

The Bluetones release a new album in March, as yet untitled. Morriss added: "The album is good. I think new year is going to be phase three of out world domination plan. We spent last year putting things into place. We want to be judged on the album."

The Bluetones returned to the UK last week after their first tour of Japan.

Morriss added: "It's been nothing like we expected. It's been like everyone over here has been so into it. We've had the all-star treatment, it's great. There's been a lot of people hanging around at the hotel giving us bags and bags of gifts, expensive clothes and watches and that sort of shit. In Tokyo, we did two gigs in the same night and it was the best we've ever played. We've played so much better since we've been here. I can't wait to get back."