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Second Album Update

Maybe you're wondering what the band have been up to for the last few months? Well in between playing at Glastonbury they've been working on the second album. According to an interview in NME in June the band have are calling the album "Album Schmalbum" but this will change before it's released. The following tracks have been completed and played at their latest live dates:

  • Sleazy Bed Track (also played on the last UK tour)
  • Down At The Reservoir
  • Four Day Weekend
  • The Godfather and The Godfather Part Two
  • Solomon Bites The Worm

A number of other songs have been written but still need titles: Mark's "just trying to think of something clever". Mark said that they are "basically trying to spend a year recording as much as we possibly can, and then next year we'll be able to just go in and record the third album quite quickly. We'll be able to do it in patches over the year rather than worrying about it too much. We'll do all the singles and b-sides this year so that in 12, 18 months we don't have a situation where people are saking where the next album is and we don't know the answer."

They're recording "Album Schmalbum" at Rockfield Studios in West Wales in the same room the Stone Roses recorded Second Coming, lets hope this is not a bad omen! Hugh Jones is producing the album again.