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Well, since the last time this news section was updated quite a few things have happened.

New tour date: The lads will be playing at the NME Premier Award London show at the London WC2 Astoria on 20th January. The support has yet to be announced.

IABV: I've heard that the 'tones fanzine In A Blue Vein which was edited by Ed Cowburn has been stopped as he's decided to go off to Australia for a while! More news if/when I hear more.

4-Day Weekend: For people who live outside of the UK the band's management have said that the following will allow you to send for a copy:

Send a Sterling International Money Order to Superior Quality Recordings for the figure per format,(see previous story), plus 2 to cover postage.
People inside the UK, the singles will be dispatched really soon - the management were waiting until after the tour was finished before they began the shipping.