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Some gossip scored at the Portsmouth gig by Katie Dobson, "There'll be a single in January, album in February and tour around then too" and "anyone whose photo is up on the blue_army website...well, it's been printed out and stuck up on the wall at Jam X."

The NME features a story today about the band noting how Richard Payne (ex-Dodgy keyboardist who has been playing on the band's live dates for a while now) has now joined the band unofficially and is helping to write tracks, but he'll not be appearing on the next set of publicity shots (Mark says, "He doesn't want to, but that's fine 'cos he's not the best-looking bloke!").

Mark revealed that the albums not got a name at the current time and they've still to decide on a single. The tracks, recorded over the summer at Sawmill Studio in Cornwall, include:

  • Blood Bubble
  • Mudslide
  • Keep The Home Fires Burning
  • Zorrro
  • Last Of The Great Navigators
  • Emily's Pine
  • One Speed Gearbox

After The Gigs!

The lads played their two gigs in small venues and if the reaction of the people who attended and are on the blue_army mailing list is anything to go by then they played a blinder!

Dionne Siley reported the following about the Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms gig (23rd September)

  • Solomon Bites The Worm (the opener)
  • Carn't Be Trusted
  • Slight Return
  • Sleazy Bedtrack
  • 4-Day Weekend
  • Are You Blue...?
  • Cut Some Rug
  • If (the encore, as ever)

All sounding as good as ever (esp. Cut some Rug, but then I'm always a sucker for Adam's guitar and Eds thumping the drums during this one).

And the new songs they did were:

  • Zorrro
  • Keep the Home Fires Burning
  • Last of the (Great?) Navigators
  • Autophilia (written by Richard - Mr Keyboards!)
  • Bloodbubble (the instrumental they did at the Astoria gig in January, with Mark on guitar)
  • One Speed Gearbox (debuted at the same gig