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mark vs. the record co. 19th december
greatest hits album! 19th december
new album and tour next year! 29th november
change of url 26th november
band to return to studio soon 24th november
uk/eire tour in december! 24th november
belfast gig 23rd november
no updates for 2 weeks 8th november
dublin gig official 7th november
irish gigs! 2nd november
watch the mudslide video 31st october
see pic of mark on the bog! 26th october
mudslide full b-sides and cover 9th october
mudslide release put back 7th october
b-sides announced 6th october
mark on uk telly 19th september
bad news for irish readers... 19th september
more free tickets for london gig! 18th september
choose your favourite setlist! 11th september
get bluetones tickets free 8th september
next single and vote for songs 6th september
nast nick wanted 22nd august
reading warm up gig 16th august
new single decided? 15th august
uk gig in august 24th july
no european tour this year 17th july
next single 11th july
us release 11th july
scottish gig 10th july
t in the park signing session 5th july
irish gigs 5th july
get a copy of in a blue vein 1st july
uk tour announced 23rd june
next single decided on 23rd june
in a blue vein on sale 23rd june
(mainly irish) gig rumours 20th june
titp warm up in stoke! 20th june
northern ireland gig 17th june
band split rumours 11th june
oxford gig update 9th june
spanish gigs 9th june
next single 6th june
glasto warm up gig 5th june
mudslide next single? 5th june
uk tour in september 2nd june

in a blue vein chat

1st june
in a blue vein web site 25th may
s&n hits the top 10 21st may
in a blue vein's slight return 21st may
soup du jour translated 21st may
irish & north america tours? 15th may
tour support & TOTP 15th may
dutch release date 15th may
autophilia pulls up at 18 14th may
glastonbury announcement 12th may
newcastle gig 10th may
japan gigs 10th may
lads to go solo 10th may
the band get spaced out 10th may
autophilia release put back 3rd may
the official band site goes live 23rd april
science and nature cover 22nd april
london gig 22nd april
live webcast tonight 22nd april
the official band site 22nd april
more on japanese album release 8th april
maida vale gig on bbc choice 3rd april
japanese release date 2nd april
autophilia b-sides 29th march
gossip update 14th march
autophilia release date 25th march
japan tour 18th march
gossip 14th march
summer festivals 14th march
next single 29th february
european dates 28th febraury
home fires scortches the top twenty! 27th february
gig review - edinburgh 27th february
gig review - cambridge 27th february
the lads on tv and album track listing 12th february
may tour dates 10th february
loads of news 10th february
see home fires video 7th february
home fires video 6th february
the fly 5th february
tour support 24th january
tour update, b-sides and in store appearances

19th january

new single 17th january
hear another new track 16th january
title track in rancid aluminium... 10th january