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Glasgow Gig Review

Here's the set list for the 'tones gig in Glasgow King Tuts last night. The set was fairly similar to the Edinburgh gig the night before (with an extra track - Paradise City):

  • The Jub-Jub Bird
  • Zorrro
  • Last of the Great Navigators
  • Carn't Be Trusted
  • Mudslide
  • Tiger Lily
  • Solomon Bites The Worm
  • Freeze Dried Pop (introduced as our next single by Mark - it's 2 minutes of Bis-esque pop...)
  • Slack Jaw (completed with electric double bass/accordion/ukulele)
  • Keep The Home Fires Burning (US version)
  • After Hours (new song - erm, not a lot to say about this one...didn't like it much on first hearing, but I'll reserve judgement until it's released)
  • Slight Return
  • Sail on Sailor (beach boys cover)
  • Bluetonic
  • *cliché encore*
  • Persuasion (No real comment - I missed half it due to the nippy posh burd behind me talking all the way through it all - but many people posting on the official site seem to think this was the best of the new songs)
  • Paradise City (Cover of the Guns'n'roses song - you had to be there -I just laughed the whole way through it!)
  • If... introduced as November Rain! :) And complete with audience participation of the whole Richard and Judy chorus)

Mark started the gig saying it was a change to be playing a dive like king tuts - last time they played in Glasgow they were @ the SECC! They sounded pretty good from where I was standing (up the back with the rest of the old folk). The lads looked like they were enjoying it (except for Richard who seemed to be suffering from RSI from his accordion during the acoustic section!). The g'n'r cover was excellent - even the roadies were smiling through it! :) And the support group, The Calm were really good - will have to look out for them in the future. There you go - a quick resume of the gig - I'm half deaf but it enjoyed it loads...roll on the next set of gigs! :)