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"Beesides" Album

Someone called Rob has just posted a picture and a track listing for a "new b-sides album" which he claims will be out in April. First off I'll point out that this has all the hallmarks of a big windup - to me it looks more like a quick home-made cover and a tracklisting for a home-made CD. However, the cover's pretty funny so here it is anyway!:

And this is the tracklisting that Rob claims will be on it:

1.Pretty Ballerina 2.I Could Be So Good For You (Minder Theme-) 3.It's A Boy 4.I Walked All Night 5.Blue 6.Driftwood 7.The Watchman 8.Nae Hair O'nt 9.Blue Shadows 10.Colorado Beetle 11. I'm Over and I Know it 12.The Ballad Of Muldoon 13.Glad To See Y' Back Again 14.Marblehead Johnson 15.Castle Rock 16.Mr Soul 17.I was a Teenage Jesus 18.Be Careful What You Dream