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tour dates change again!! 6th november
tour dates confirmed! 1st november
winter gigs! 30th october
more gigs 10th september
edinburgh gig correction 10th august
more warmup dates 5th august
ask the band a question 19th july
tones miss witnness! 15th july
update and beardy mark dj dates 11th july
festival dates (retraction!) 9th may
summer promenader/v2002 7th may
festival dates? 4th may
summer gigs 30th april
tones in ireland gig shock! 19th april
the singles enters album charts 14th april
top of the tops and festivals 3rd april
b-side album & dvd? 1st april
chart position 31st march
midweek chart position 28th march
win new album and cover art 27th march
see all videos and xfm gig on radio 26th march
stoke photos 25th march
dotmusic interview/manchester album promo 23d march
ask the band/world pop inteview 20th march
xfm session in london 20th march
after hours video & b-sides online 17th march
signing session in london 14th march
releases put back 5th march
bits'n'pieces 28th february
best of album details 23rd february
new single and album 4th febraury
tour support 14th january