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Signing Session In London

Melissa Fehr has passed on this info to the blue_army mailing list:


To appear at


Monday 8th April @ 6.30pm - 14-16 Oxford Street, London


The phenomenal Bluetones are set to perform live and sign copies of
their new album 'The Singles: 1995-2002' (released on the same day
through Superior Quality Recordings) at the Virgin Megastore, Oxford
Street on Monday 8th April at 6.30pm.

Following a triumphant return to the live circuit before Christmas
with a sold out celebratory show in their manor at Shepherd's Bush
Empire, The Bluetones now announce a brand new single "After Hours"
(released on March 25th) and the long awaited singles album. This is
the Bluetones first new material to be released since October 2000's
live favourite "Mudslide".

The long awaited album "The Bluetones - The Singles 1995-2002" is a
great opportunity to hear long since deleted, unavailable elsewhere
classics. The tracklisting is a timely reminder of the band's
success and of how many of their songs have embedded themselves in
the public's conscious. The album also includes the new single
"After Hours" and three further new tracks. A bonus CD EP of B-sides
is also to be given away with the album.

The Bluetones then, far from being merely survivors, continue to
grow and evolve after almost 8 years together. The Bluetones are
truly, madly and deeply in love with music and it shows! It was
their last album, "Science & Nature" (released in May 2000), which
finally gave the band the credit and acclaim for fine song crafting
and acknowledgement that The Bluetones have won of the most
dedicated fan bases around.

The fact that Adam Devlin (lead guitar), Scott Morriss (bass/backing
vocals), Eds Chesters (drums) and Mark Morriss (voice) all write
songs, are multi-instrumentalist and sing, is a hint to their
ability/potential. They are a REAL group. High profile bands have
come and gone since the so-called "Britpop" years, but The Bluetones
remain because their musicianship is phenomenal. As one reviewer
remarked "when the Bluetones hit the stage the crowd goes ballistic".

So get down to Virgin Megastores on Monday 8th April and go ballistic!!