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New EP This Year!

Info sent to the official mailing list:

Greetings planet Earth.

Please pin back your eye-lids for a few short moments and ingest the news that this computer screen/piece of paper shall now vomit into your mind.
Those noted troubadours The Bluetones shall be re-entering the orbit of a hi-fi near you on the chosen date of October 10th 2005. For this is the date that those great men, having stirred themselves from a recording torpor stretching almost 2 years, have decided that your world shall be fit for the release of an EP of such undeniable passion and quality that all who hear it will weep instantly, and throw themselves at the feet of the saviours of music. Not 'rock' music. Not 'British' music. And not 'indie'. But all music. Everywhere.
This 'EP' will be available for a limited CD pressing only, and sold only through the web-site of aforementioned artistes , by mail order from Superior Quality Recordings & at the live shows in November. The Bluetones new album in 2006 will be released as normal & available at all good record shops. You have been warned. Now go. Tell others. For they must know.

£4.00 + £1.50 P&P EP : Available from 10/10/2005.
To order the EP please send payment to

The Bluetones.
Superior Quality Recordings
Po Box 43592
SW15 2WS

Also, looks like there could be a new album being worked on this year too.