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New Single and Album!

Yes, I'm away behind the time but thought I might as well get this site at least nearly up to date.


My Neighbour's House is the first single from the forthcoming album. It's released on Monday 18th September on CD and 7". You can pre-order both from Townsend Record.

It was produced by Hugh Jones so could indicate a return to Expecting to Fly land.

You can listen to it on-line here:





See the band's myspace site for details of how to win tickets to a secret listening event for the new album with the band.



The new, self-titled album The Bluetones will be released on 9th October on CD. You can pre-order it from Townsend Record.

Track listing:

1. Surrender
2. Baby, Back Up
3. Hope & Jump
4. Head On A Spike
5. The King Of Outer Space
6. Thank You, Not Today
7. My Neighbour's House
8. Fade In/Fade Out
9. The Last Song But One
10. Wasn't I Right About To You