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DVD, Album and Gig


The band are releasing a DVD of videos from their previous albums and live TV appearances, it's out 22nd October.


The track listing is:

1. Are You Blue Or Are You Blind? (Video)
2. Bluetonic (Video)
3. Slight Return (Video)
4. Cut Some Rug (Video)
5. Marblehead Johnson (Video)
6. Solomon Bites The Worm (Video)
7. If… (Video)
8. Sleazy Bed Track (Video)
9. 4 Day Weekend (Video)
10. Keep The Home Fires Burning (Video)
11. Autophilia (Video)
12. Mudslide (Video)
13. After Hours (Video)
14. Fast Boy (Video)
15. Never Going Nowhere (Video)
16. Nifkins Bridge – The Making Of Marblehead Johnson (Video)
17. Slight Return from TOTP – Feb 96
18. Cut Some Rug from TOTP – May 96
19. Slight Return from Later – Sept 96
20. Colorado Beetle/Carn’t Be Trusted from Later – Sept 96
21. Marblehead Johnson from TOTP – Sept 96
22. Solomon Bites The Worm from TOTP – Feb 98
23. Keep The Home Fires Burning from TOTP – Mar 00
24. Autophilia from TOTP – May 00
25. After Hours from TOTP – Apr 02
26. Fast Boy from TOTP – May 03

The Early Garage Years

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Early Garage Years

On 30th July an album of early recordings from pre-Expecting To Fly period was released:


Track listing:

1. Are You Blue or Are You Blind? (Demo)
2. Talking to Clarry (Demo)
3. Carn't be Trusted (Demo)
4. Slight Return (Limited Edition UK/Japan 7” single)
5. No. 11 (Bluetonic) (From the Fierce Panda “Return To Splendour” EP)
6. The Fountainhead (Demo)
7. Time and Again (Demo)
8. Cut Some Rug (Home-made 4-Track Recording)
9. Talking to Clarry (Home-made 8-Track Recording)
10. Are You Blue or Are You Blind? (Home-made 8-Track Recording)

The Early Garage Years

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Croydon Gig

The Bluetones play the 2nd Wired Monthly music night at The Base Bar, City Limits, Purley Way, Croydon, on Saturday 13th October 2007. For details and interview see: http://www.wiredmag.co.uk/