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Gene & The Bluetones

London Queen Elizabeth Hall, January 31, 1999

Ian Howe
25, accountant, Bayswater

"A good night. They're both great live bands, and although I think Gene have probably been better when I've seen them at festivals, they adapted well."

John Peel
59, broadcaster, Stowmarket

"Gene are always good value, and I shall be humming their version of Dirty Old Town for the rest of the week. The Bluetones were also fabulous. My daughter has an appetite for them too, I must go now and calm her down."

Ally Collins
17, student, Somerset

"I didn't like sitting down because the music makes you want to dance, so I went to the front and started moshing - Mark Morriss is damn gorgeous. Gene were good but not as good as The Bluetones."

Stephen Woodgate
24, printer, Luton

"Very good actually, good quality. I was in the front row so it felt a bit strange but the mood was good. I've seen both bands before at festivals and they were much better tonight."

Extracted from Q, April 1999