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The Bluetones, live at The Asylum

Hull University 01/04/03

Before tonights gig I had seen The Bluetones once before and was a little underwhelmed but this gig seemed a much better show, probably due more to the University's venue being remodelled so you can get a much better view of the stage and the acoustics of the room being improved. All this meant the more subtle moments in The Bluetones' performance could be enjoyed which included a lot of new material from their forthcoming studio album, their first new recording since 2000's Science And Nature. The new songs like I Love The City where greeted with as much enthusiasm as more well known material by a very partisan crowd, infact the band would have had to have done something pretty drastic not to have gone down well.

On stage vocalist Mark Morris and the rest of the band looked like they where born to perform, and after the many gigs over the years they have played is not surprising how accomplished and comfortable they look. Their 'Mod' look has continued into this tour with their jackets making them look like a cross between some 60's beat combo and the Britpop guitar band they where. The Bluetones' main set seemed to fly by and they deservedly returned to play several encores which where warmly received before myself and the rest of the audience left happy after being entertained by a band who really looked like they cared what they played and how much people enjoyed it. This was a great gig and I would certainly be happy to catch the band live again nevermind looking out for the new album, Luxembourg, which should be released anytime now. 5/5

Article submitted by Darren Bunting, April 2003